The Day the Earth Tilted Slightly

THE SHOCKING ARCHIVAL images in the videos linked below document what is believed to be a natural phenomenon that occurred sometime in the early decades of the twentieth century (that I’m the only one who believes that is beside the point).

Please note that these images are direct, digital scans of original photographic prints, and that the disturbing scenes portrayed in them have not been “photoshopped,” retouched, or manipulated in any way. Thus, they depict with unimpeachable authority, and in graphic detail, an event the implications of which some may find unsettling. Any and all prints are available for examination and authentication by a mutually agreed upon, independent testing laboratory.

TDV1View Video One


TDV2View Video Two


TDV3View Video Three


A guy and his carView Video Four


Young lady tilted slightlyView Video Five


Picnickers tilted slightlyView Video Six


7 kids tilted slightlyView Video Seven


Playmates tilted slightly

View Video Eight

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