Say hello to our Little Hand.

WISTERIA IMPORTS furniture and decor, and the fact that much of it is handcrafted is an important element of the brand. So when it came time to create a new About Us page for their website, I employed their “handmade” icon to help tell the hands-on story of this young and still growing retailer. AboutUs




You’ll find this happy little icon scattered all over the Wisteria catalog, next to every product that’s handmade.

It’s there to tell you how much we value the special sort of craftsmanship that goes into so many of the products we offer on those pages. Or here on our web site. Or in our Dallas store.

But now that we look at it, maybe our Little Hand is telling you more about Wisteria than we thought. For instance, see if you don’t think it’s saying, ‘Hi there.’ We are, after all, pretty friendly around here.

Just by its modest dimensions, our Little Hand might be saying something about how small we were back in 2000, when we started Wisteria from inside a suitcase. In other words, very small.

‘Hands on’ is another thing it could be saying. Because the Newsom family that started it all is still behind the wheel.

And now, years later, after all the hard work of growing that tiny, family-owned venture into a thriving, multi-channel retailer, our Little Hand could also be saying, ‘Phew. High five!’

How about a little hand for our Little Hand. It really does say a lot about us.


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