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EPM Consultant's brochure

The data guys at interRel had a wonderful, self-deprecating sense of humor.

(But they could afford to; they were geniuses.)

They were also smart enough to realize they’d get farther with their prospects if they’d abandon the typical chest-beating, toot-your-own-horn approach to marketing for something different.

They wanted something that would emphasize service and dedication to their clients.

So what better metaphor than a loyal sheepdog?

Working with design firm Baker Company, we proposed a concept summed up in copy I wrote for Page 3 of the capabilities brochure that Baker designed:


Perhaps you’re wondering, who’d put a dog on their brochure?

Glad you asked. For after 10 years of successful practice, we wanted to know, who are we? How do we describe interRel? What’s our brand, our “elevator pitch?”

The answer was obvious.

We are the Australian Sheepdogs of Enterprise Performance Management.

Sure, most consultants would rather be the something-elses of Enterprise Performance Management. The Navy Seals, for example. Or the Batmans.

But with interRel it’s pretty clear. Using products from Hyperion, we herd your data wherever you want it to go and organize it into tight little packs. We nip at the heels of errant numbers while you extract maximum value for big profits.

Of course, Baker and I agreed we couldn’t set our client up for a lot of ribbing without poking a little fun at the competition first. So the final inside page offered readers this interactive device:

The Enterprise Performance Management Dog-Analogy Checklist

Use this standard dog-analogy checklist to determine which type of consultant is best suited to help you with your Enterprise Performance Management needs.

• The French Poodles of Business Intelligence (a nice haircut and that’s about it)
• The Jack Russell Terriers of Business Intelligence (out to impress you with fancy tricks)
• The Pit Bulls of Business Intelligence (chewing up everything they get close to)
• The Chihuahuas of Business Intelligence (seized by yapping fits and violent, uncontrollable shaking)
• The Australian Sheepdogs of Business Intelligence (running your numbers while you run your business)

The sheepdog metaphor eventually trickled down, if you’ll excuse the pun, to become the tagline I wrote for all of interRel’s marketing materials:

Smart, obedient, good with people. Likes to chase numbers.

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