Out standing in my field.

No man is an island

THE LIFE OF A CREATIVE isn’t all Peace Love & Understanding, and I might have tempered much of the pain this ego caused me and others if I’d heeded what I read in two little Hallmark cards (oh great fount of wisdom). The two said,

1. “I’m a legend in my own mind,” and

2. “I’m out standing in my field.”

At least I read these cards on the rack and not in the mail. But I’ve wasted years as a creative director trying to lead a team that didn’t want to be on my team, perhaps in part because they could tell, deep down, I didn’t want to be on theirs. To paraphrase Groucho, maybe I refused to be a member of any group that would only let someone like me be a member of the group.

And could that have been because I was a legend in my own mind?

By contrast I’ve seen greater success collaborating with creative people I both respect and trust, and who trust me in return. My own contribution is relative, because if it weren’t for them I’d be, yes, out standing in my field.