Life’s Little Indignities

Wisteria horseCustomer Service agents have among the toughest jobs anywhere. Wisteria’s team is especially resilient, possibly as a result of the humor they bring to their work. Noting the damaged product they adopted as their mascot, I took the opportunity to honor them in a post on Wisteria’s blog, Vine. And also hint to customers to, you know, be gentle.

“In a world ruled by the often annoying laws of physics, finely crafted products like those we sell can on occasion, and despite our best efforts, suffer damage on the journey from our place to yours.

Nobody understands this better than our gracious associates in Wisteria Customer Service. Every day, they take it on the chin for gravity, inertia, and other powerful forces that never stick around to answer for the problems they cause. Should you have an issue with anything you receive from us, you’ll find these folks to be patient, kind, and ready to hear your most strident complaint.

Customer Service also has a great sense of humor as you’ll see represented in their official mascot, pictured above. Shipped from China for reference in developing a new Wisteria product but damaged en route, it now holds a place of honor in Customer Service, symbolizing what it feels like to daily suffer life’s little indignities.”

Shown here: The official mascot of Customer Service. Ouch.


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