Monkeys Will Only Let You Down

Drawing of a monkey

THAT MONTH-LONG stay this summer at an artist residency in Portobelo, Panama left quite an impression on my wife. So this weekend when we rode our bikes past a wooded area in Oak Cliff and speculated about what was rustling the trees a few yards away, I wasn’t surprised by what she said. “Monkeys. Whenever we heard rustling…
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I think it’s so groovy now.

QUITE SOME TIME back I made it my personal modus operandi to shirk, or at least shrink back from, technology. But this year I finally popped the red pill. For one thing I am currently committed to creating whatever I’m going to create by way of these plastic chiclets now clicking beneath my fingers (augmented,…
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Trash Talking the Pillsbury Doughboy

“WONDERLAND” is a gift. But not to those artists among us who already make our way in a commercial art world. Rather this colorfully wrapped package is tagged for young creatives, filmmakers, musicians, writers, et al, just coming on the scene. Especially the ones fresh out of art school, eagerly scanning the horizon for the…
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The Story of a Brand

Dog peeking from under table

DURING THE MONTHS immediately following 9/11, I began as a freelancer to write catalog copy for a tiny startup called Wisteria. After thirty years in the business, I’d never come face to face with a brand quite like it. Admittedly, the timing was coincidental. One event had nothing to do with the other, except in terms of…
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You Gotta Have Heart

Salma Hayek

WRITING IS SORTA like dating. Not that I’m dating. I’m a happily married man. But I remember dating, and one of the lessons I learned early on is that, while there were women who would never, ever be interested in me, this was good news not bad, and no reflection on either of us. But once…
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Taking Yourself Out of the Picture

Poster for a magic show

I had no sooner published my previous post (Getting To Know You) about first-person vs third-person descriptions in online profiles, when I remembered a different path some take. Rather than be forced to choose between first-person voice (“I invented the Internet.”) and third-person (“Jim invented the Internet.”), they will reject both, dispensing with pronouns and…
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Getting To Know You

Remember that episodic Seinfeld character named Jimmy? The guy who only referred to himself in the third-person? He’d say to Elaine, “Ya know, Jimmy is pretty sweet on you,” or to Kramer, “Jimmy might have a compound fracture.” Well, Jimmy’s way of speaking is referred to as Illeism. And it can really get annoying. Now…
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