The Day the Earth Tilted Slightly to One Side (#3)

Men tilted slightly

THE EXACT DATE has proven impossible to deduce, as the suspicious lack of any written record leaves me only this handful of snapshots to conduct my research. However, their vintage cars and fashions seem to indicate The Day took place sometime around the 1920s or ’30s. If that is true, given the tense race relations…
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The Day the Earth Tilted Slightly to One Side (#2)


WITH NO SURVIVING RECORD other than these photographs to corroborate the theory, we can only speculate about exactly what day it was that the earth tilted slightly to one side. However, certain vintage images may provide a clue, for instance this one of a young couple apparently dressed for their wedding day (weddings most commonly…
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Five Questions to Four Creatives


WHY IS THIS THING we call Creativity, so often characterized by lack of stricture, also in part defined by structure? My own winding career path, as a sculptor, a graphic designer, and now an independent creative director and writer has caused me to consider that question a lot. Perhaps that varied career is one reason…
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Who’s Up for Crankin’ Out Some Content?


HERE’S WHAT DISAPPOINTS ME about the way some marketers practice social media: so many take the old “throw everything against the wall and see what sticks” approach. In other words, in trying to churn out content, they believe it’s more important to say something, anything, and less important to take the time to bring value…
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How the NYTimes now spells Internet, website, and email.


THE NEW YORK TIMES reports today that its Manual of Style and Usage has been updated, including several changes in the way their writers and editors will employ terms related to this thing you’re lookin’ at. Internet is now capitalized, but “the web” and “website” are not. Also, the hyphen has been removed from “email” (although…
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The Day the Earth Tilted Slightly to One Side (#1)

5 guys tilted slightly

UPON THAT FATEFUL DAY, time was suspended, ordinary routine ground to a halt, and people from all walks of life found themselves standing together to record a moment that, for all they knew, might be their last. Here it appears a pair of business men, perhaps traveling salesmen, have paused to commemorate this strange phenomenon…
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You Be the Judge

THIS IS MY mea culpa. My note left in the top dresser drawer. My videotaped confession. I’ll say it just this once. Then I can’t be held responsible for whatever happens from here on out. Have you ever fabricated a story, and then, having developed the details to within an inch of reality, and committed…
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Can we change the world?

(a dangerous intersection)

THAT WAS A FASCINATING CHAT I had with a young, Russian-born woman on a film set this afternoon. She’d spent childhood in a Utopia-seeking society based on precepts of revolution, so her belief in the potential for improvement in the people and things around her would rival that of your personal trainer. Our conversation was…
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Channeling My Inner Heifer

NCHA ad headline

WEEKS AGO, in an earlier post, I wrote about watching as a few feet away, surgeons removed gallstones through a tiny incision in a woman’s abdomen (U Can’t Touch That, June 26). Such encounters, in which I come face-to-face with experiences, and people, that I might not have otherwise, continue to be among my favorite things…
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Out standing in my field.

No man is an island

THE LIFE OF A CREATIVE isn’t all Peace Love & Understanding, and I might have tempered much of the pain this ego caused me and others if I’d heeded what I read in two little Hallmark cards (oh great fount of wisdom). The two said, 1. “I’m a legend in my own mind,” and 2….
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