I love it when you talk baseball talk.

baseball talk tutor

MAJOR LEAGUE BASEBALL throws out its first pitch of the 2014 season on Saturday in the series opener between the Arizona Diamondbacks and the Los Angeles Dodgers. I welcome it. But I also have to admit that, in a era when climatic conditions – or at least our observations of them – are so dazed…
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How to really dish out the hash: Learn diner talk

diner talk tutor

THE AMERICAN THESAURUS of Slang may one day be the last place you’ll find diner talk, a rich and colorful dialect soon to be as extinct as Aramaic. Adam and Eve on a raft—wreck ’em (an order for two scrambled eggs on toast); massacre the eggs, spoil ’em, wreck ’em (scramble the eggs); flop ’em,…
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Stand up and talk like a cowboy, pilgrim.

cowboy talk tutor

EARLIER TODAY I returned to my home in Dallas after visiting family, traveling on Amtrak’s Heartland Express, a line that in about four hours crosses the  prairie that flattens out between Oklahoma City, Oklahoma and Fort Worth, Texas. I took advantage of the peace and quiet, spending the majority of my time writing, but along the way…
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Talk like a jazz man, you jive turkey.

jazz slang tutor

MUSICIAN FRIENDS WILL BE quite impressed when you sprinkle into the conversation a little lyrical lingo from their universe, and one of my favorite old books, the American Thesaurus of Slang, is just the place to find it. Jazz slang, and where I heard it first My own introduction to that world came at a…
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How to sling the slang

detective slang tutor

WAITING PATIENTLY ON MY BOOKSHELF for the occasional trip down my father’s Memory Lane is a 65-year old copy of The American Thesaurus of Slang. I think the book is out of print by now, but in its day it must have been the essential reference manual for detectives, sailors, and other niche inhabitants whose…
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