Content Creators and How to Lay A Golden Egg

content creators

COULD THIS BE a Golden Age for content creators? Has the Internet, not to mention the enhanced interconnectivity created by social media, expanded our opportunities? Many of my fellow writers, and designers, and various other creative people, now smack in the middle of this industry in transition, don’t necessarily see it that way. To the…
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Stand up and talk like a cowboy, pilgrim.

cowboy talk tutor

EARLIER TODAY I returned to my home in Dallas after visiting family, traveling on Amtrak’s Heartland Express, a line that in about four hours crosses the  prairie that flattens out between Oklahoma City, Oklahoma and Fort Worth, Texas. I took advantage of the peace and quiet, spending the majority of my time writing, but along the way…
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Talk like a jazz man, you jive turkey.

jazz slang tutor

MUSICIAN FRIENDS WILL BE quite impressed when you sprinkle into the conversation a little lyrical lingo from their universe, and one of my favorite old books, the American Thesaurus of Slang, is just the place to find it. Jazz slang, and where I heard it first My own introduction to that world came at a…
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The 2 things we love and hate about technology

Image searches yield odd results

GOOGLE IMAGE SEARCH includes a tool I find fascinating, because instead of requiring you to describe in words what you want to see, it allows you to provide an image you’d like Google to match. But it also says a lot about why we’ll always need people to ride herd on technology. I’ll elaborate on that below,…
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Are we telling stories on ourselves?

DID YOU EVER wonder how much our creative “offspring,” those ideas, innovations, or enterprises we personally give birth to, reflect or reveal who we are as individuals? That question occurred to me just a few minutes ago when I came across a story I wrote years back, stream-of-consciousness style, scribbling it atop the collage at…
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What do we get out of giving?


OKAY, THIS IS GOING TO SOUND WEIRD. Self-aggrandizing perhaps. Or self-serving. Maybe all three. I hate it that it might sound that way. But honest, that’s not at all what I’m trying to do here. Instead it’s a revelation that I want to share, one I had just this morning, triggered by a comment on…
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The Case for Authenticity

“I WENT THROUGH some very tough years after that and have just found my love for music and life again…I don’t remember much of those years or my life..” Just hours ago, I read those words in an email from a musician acquaintance I hadn’t talked to in almost ten years. He was in part…
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Five Questions to Four Creatives


WHY IS THIS THING we call Creativity, so often characterized by lack of stricture, also in part defined by structure? My own winding career path, as a sculptor, a graphic designer, and now an independent creative director and writer has caused me to consider that question a lot. Perhaps that varied career is one reason…
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Channeling My Inner Heifer

NCHA ad headline

WEEKS AGO, in an earlier post, I wrote about watching as a few feet away, surgeons removed gallstones through a tiny incision in a woman’s abdomen (U Can’t Touch That, June 26). Such encounters, in which I come face-to-face with experiences, and people, that I might not have otherwise, continue to be among my favorite things…
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