Five Questions to Four Creatives


WHY IS THIS THING we call Creativity, so often characterized by lack of stricture, also in part defined by structure? My own winding career path, as a sculptor, a graphic designer, and now an independent creative director and writer has caused me to consider that question a lot. Perhaps that varied career is one reason…
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Who’s Up for Crankin’ Out Some Content?


HERE’S WHAT DISAPPOINTS ME about the way some marketers practice social media: so many take the old “throw everything against the wall and see what sticks” approach. In other words, in trying to churn out content, they believe it’s more important to say something, anything, and less important to take the time to bring value…
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What Irks Me About Us Creative Types

OKAY, I’M ABOUT TO  sound a bit self-contradictory, but bear with me. I love creative people, in all their wacky, whimsical, wavering ways; I am one after all. But I’ll also be among the first to acknowledge how troublesome their – our –wacky, whimsical, wavering ways can be. Perhaps the stereotypical trait that troubles me the…
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Out standing in my field.

No man is an island

THE LIFE OF A CREATIVE isn’t all Peace Love & Understanding, and I might have tempered much of the pain this ego caused me and others if I’d heeded what I read in two little Hallmark cards (oh great fount of wisdom). The two said, 1. “I’m a legend in my own mind,” and 2….
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