Schüttet das Kind mit dem Bade aus

VERNACULAR. Language. I don’t know about you, but I’ve long been fascinated by these things. The morphing of meaning over time. Dirty words and what makes them dirty. Dialects. How you can be saying one thing and I’m hearing something else. I think that fascination has been with me since childhood, certainly from the time…
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Self Portrait On A Bicycle

Runtastic map

HERE I AM GETTING LOST on my bike, as observed from a United States Department of Defense Global Positioning Satellite in orbit more than 10,000 miles above the surface of the earth. This is such a Peyton Place; you can’t do anything around here without somebody getting all up in your stuff. I started cycling…
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The Keep Calm/Carry On Phenomenon

SINCE I’M TYPICALLY so late in catching on to trends, memes, and rages, I’ve determined my role will be to check in once they’re up and running, make sure everything’s going okay, and then add a comment or two for the benefit of others who, like me, are just getting with the program. Case in…
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Fun with Standard Industrial Classifications

WHEN DALLAS Area Rapid Transit sought to keep a federally mandated minimum of minority contracts, they decided to place a classified ad in the jobs section of the Dallas Morning News and asked me to write it, emphasizing the range of contracts they had to offer. Businesses that pursue work with federally-funded organizations like DART…
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For My Son on His First Fathers Day

My granddaughter, Ella Starr

MEMORIAL DAY of 2012, I became a grandfather for the very first time. Other proud grandfathers might have passed around snapshots, or maybe cigars. I’m a writer. So I wrote. Wisteria is a family kinda place, and Vine, the blog at provided me the perfect opportunity to post an interview I did with my…
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I Gotta Thing for This Tahitian Girl

BORN TO BE WILD was a series of posts I wrote to mark the birthdays of noteworthy artists. It ran on Vine, the original name of the blog at (now Storyboard). This particular piece, about a sculpture by Paul Gauguin, first appeared in June of 2012. “I have this thing for a Tahitian girl. I…
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My First Time

A sculpture of a bicycle

THAT WAS THE DAY I became a man, at the age of fifteen. Sometime in the wee hours of a Sunday morning, at the foot of a driveway in Garland, Texas. If that sounds a bit lurid, well, it was. Only halfway down the first block of my Dallas Morning News paper route, the canvas…
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