Are we telling stories on ourselves?

DID YOU EVER wonder how much our creative “offspring,” those ideas, innovations, or enterprises we personally give birth to, reflect or reveal who we are as individuals? That question occurred to me just a few minutes ago when I came across a story I wrote years back, stream-of-consciousness style, scribbling it atop the collage at…
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What do we get out of giving?


OKAY, THIS IS GOING TO SOUND WEIRD. Self-aggrandizing perhaps. Or self-serving. Maybe all three. I hate it that it might sound that way. But honest, that’s not at all what I’m trying to do here. Instead it’s a revelation that I want to share, one I had just this morning, triggered by a comment on…
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The Case for Authenticity

“I WENT THROUGH some very tough years after that and have just found my love for music and life again…I don’t remember much of those years or my life..” Just hours ago, I read those words in an email from a musician acquaintance I hadn’t talked to in almost ten years. He was in part…
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Add LinkedIn photos to your Contacts in 5 clicks


HERE’S A TRICK I JUST LEARNED: Apple’s new Mavericks operating system lets you easily add the profile photos of your LinkedIn connections in Mac’s Contacts. Here’s how to do it: in System Preferences, click Internet Accounts (beside the iCloud icon in the third row). Next, your LinkedIn account will display in a sidebar on the…
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The Day the Earth Tilted Slightly to One Side (#3)

Men tilted slightly

THE EXACT DATE has proven impossible to deduce, as the suspicious lack of any written record leaves me only this handful of snapshots to conduct my research. However, their vintage cars and fashions seem to indicate The Day took place sometime around the 1920s or ’30s. If that is true, given the tense race relations…
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The Day the Earth Tilted Slightly to One Side (#2)


WITH NO SURVIVING RECORD other than these photographs to corroborate the theory, we can only speculate about exactly what day it was that the earth tilted slightly to one side. However, certain vintage images may provide a clue, for instance this one of a young couple apparently dressed for their wedding day (weddings most commonly…
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Five Questions to Four Creatives


WHY IS THIS THING we call Creativity, so often characterized by lack of stricture, also in part defined by structure? My own winding career path, as a sculptor, a graphic designer, and now an independent creative director and writer has caused me to consider that question a lot. Perhaps that varied career is one reason…
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Who’s Up for Crankin’ Out Some Content?


HERE’S WHAT DISAPPOINTS ME about the way some marketers practice social media: so many take the old “throw everything against the wall and see what sticks” approach. In other words, in trying to churn out content, they believe it’s more important to say something, anything, and less important to take the time to bring value…
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Just Sitting Here On My Big Data

THE MASSIVE AMOUNT of information, a virtual Bibliotheca Alexandrina, available to us through free apps easily downloaded to our smartphones marks either a new age of enlightenment or a new age of everybody’s up in my business. I’ll choose to think of it as the former, being the eternal optimist that I am. For instance,…
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